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CacTucci’s signature SaguarO&V Bottles are custom handblown glass bottles in the shape of a saguaro cactus, capturing the spirit of the Southwest. Each packaged box comes with two bottles and two spouts. *Every bottle is made by hand and small variations in shape may occur.

What truly makes the SaguarO&V Bottle so unique though is the story of its origin. You can Read Marco’s Adventure Below in the Product Description.

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One golden morning on a remote cactus farm deep in the southwest, Marco awoke to a thunderous earth shaking. He jumped to his window and beheld several Volgars, goliath men from the mountains of Vingard, uprooting his father’s best giant saguaros from their farmland. Marco ran to stop the carnage, but he too was quickly plucked from the earth and carried off to Vingard and held captive. There, he watched for months as the Volgars poured liquids from the giant saguaros over their provisions.
Eventually, a giant jackalope, who just narrowly escaped a bubbling cauldron’s fate himself, came to Marco’s rescue. Marco rode the jackalope swiftly back to his father’s cactus farm and, over the long enigmatic journey, listened to the jackalope’s tale of how the Volgars used the giant saguaros for centuries as vessels for their culinary mixtures.
After returning to the farm, Marco recounted the story to his father, Miguel, and together they formulated the idea of creating their very own oil and vinegar vessels reminiscent of the mighty saguaro. It wasn’t long before all the families in the desert valley began requesting their hand-  blown, glass bottles for themselves. They became so popular, that when the Volgars got wind of the farmers’ new enterprise, they marched hastily down the mountain to investigate. Seizing the opportunity to save their cactus farm from ultimate destruction, Marco and his father persuaded the Volgars into using their glass saguaros instead of those from the farm, thereby saving the giant saguaro from extinction.
Thus the story behind Marco, his beloved father and the Volgars’ role in the preservation of the giant saguaro. We hope you enjoyed this tall tale as much as you will our SaguarO&V bottles.Buy Now

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